Advantages of mobile education



In introduction of mobile learning into the educational process there are both advantages and disadvantages. This type of training at its stage of formation becomes real in the successful implementation. Scientists emphasize a number of advantages of e-learning solutions.


  1. Mobility. Modern smart gadgets provide an opportunity to organize and optimize the learning process regardless of place and time. There are two aspects to this kind of mobility: firstly, the ability to implement educational programs despite the location of a qualified specialist. Secondly, the ease of access from different devices, due to the use of cloud storage systems. So, educational software development services can be very useful.
  2. Permanence of education. If you compare with previous years, the use of information technology was focused on stationary devices. But at this stage of formation and development of technology involves continuous access to information base. Since mobile devices are often located and belong to the same owner, make the process of education continuous: therefore, it is possible to perform tasks at any convenient time for them, and teachers can bring the passive share of learning outside the classroom. Modern education software solutions provide an opportunity to conduct continuous education in places of military conflicts and even in disaster zones, which is a demonstration of another manifestation of continuity.
  3. Personalization of learning. Mobile applications allow the learner to choose the content of specific courses, level of difficulty and other content. As well as progressing to the next level of difficulty depending on personal preferences and learned knowledge, self-assess your results and perform additional tasks to consolidate the material. In addition, the cell phone allows each student to study the material in the form that is more convenient for him. That is, in order to improve the quality of services provided, the software development company must adapt the same information, as well as ways of its playback (text, graphics, video, audio), to improve efficiency.
  4. Improving the quality of communication. Mobile devices allow you to easily build a fast and high-quality communication between teacher and student.


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